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For those couples who choose to embrace pregnancy together, the Center provides educational and social connections to ease fears and concerns about parenthood.

Did you know we have Men’s Coaches on site each day at the Center? We understand that men need encouragement and support whether they are excited or uncertain about the days to come. 

We have a few classes that include men. Some are four-week classes and all earn points towards our Earn While You Learn program.

Our Men’s Services begin with the Dad’s 101 class. There’s guy time, sharing a meal together, while discussing and overcoming the uncertainties of fatherhood. This is designed to get you ready for what to expect during the pregnancy, taking the baby home and more!

In Birth of a Family, couples learn together and appreciate the wonder of parenthood and quality, responsible relationships. We discuss goals, vision casting and how to build a legacy.

There is also an opportunity for one-on-one coaching for those that are interested in a tailored experience. Ask to speak with one of the Men’s Coaches for more information.

Our newest class for couples, singles and everyone in between is called Building a Family. Watch the video below to hear what that class is all about.

Men's Coaching

“The Men’s & Couples’ coaching sessions saved us. When we needed help, the coaches were there, and they gave us awesome knowledge to solidify and strengthen our marriage. Words fail to describe how SMPC, and the coaching classes completely held us together as a family when we needed it the most.”

~ Justin, SMPC male client

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