Monica & Baby Brian

Baby Brian was both unexpected and unplanned! That’s because his mom, Monica, had cervical surgery a few years ago that left her, according to her doctors, unable to conceive a pregnancy. Life is full of surprises and Brian is certainly one of the best surprises Monica and her fiancé have ever had.

Monica did a search and identified Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center as a source of support. Just coming out of homelessness and a host of other debilitating obstacles, Monica found SMPC to be a welcoming and abundant place to support her unplanned pregnancy.

“It’s imperative that the donors know how their financial support to SMPC changes lives; how the Center provides women with opportunities and access to care and material support that they would have never known was available to them,” shares Monica.

“The educational tools are the BEST. I’ve learned how to handle parenthood because I was never taught that growing up. Coming from an abusive home, I never ever want that for our baby-I don’t want him to experience homelessness or hunger. SMPC’s Earn While You Learn has made so much learning and empowerment possible for me. Everyone at the Center is like a guiding presence helping me find my way as Brian’s mom. Their guidance and the donors’ support help clients like me make a happy and healthy home for our families!”

Helping Monica to walk through her acute trauma and find relief has been the Center’s behavioral health programming. Monica has access to one of the therapists on staff, Whitney Horner, who is there to listen and help Monica work through her interpersonal struggles and break the cycle of despair that comes with trauma.

Whitney recognized Monica for her commitment to wellness and self-improvement and nominated her as the “Most Deserving Mom” with one of the Center’s supporting churches-Southside Church. After delivering her inspiring story to the congregation, an anonymous donor provided Monica with a beautiful car as a gift. This vehicle has been an awesome blessing, allowing Monica and her fiancé to drive to work and other places instead of using the bus system.

“Through the Earn While You Learn program I was able to earn a brand-new Pack ‘n Play sleep set and a car seat for Brian. We have been so blessed by SMPC it’s hard to properly describe our gratitude, but we are very, very thankful!”

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