our promise to you

You are important to us, and we consider it a privilege to assist you.

our mission statement

Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center provides medical services, reproductive health education and support at no cost, empowering our community to make healthy life choices – physically, emotionally and spiritually – in a confidential and caring environment.

we will . . .

  • Provide a safe, warm environment, regardless of age, race, religion, or ethnicity
  • Provide free, confidential services
  • Treat you with kindness and compassion
  • Listen with respect and courtesy
  • Keep all of your information in the strictest confidence*
  • Provide accurate information about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion and other related issues
  • Respect your right to refuse information you do not wish to receive
  • Provide open, honest answers to your questions


  • Refer you, as needed, to other appropriate community support resources
  • Provide ongoing support, according to your needs
  • Never coerce you to stay longer than you wish
  • Never coerce you into sharing more information than you wish
  • Never judge, ridicule, or reject you

If you ever feel we have fallen short of these promises, contact our Chief Executive Officer or Board of Directors as soon as possible, so that we can serve you and others with integrity.

make an appointment

If you are sexually active and are concerned that you may be pregnant, make an appointment for a pregnancy test at Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center.  SMPC will answer your questions and provide you with factual information in order for you to make an informed decision.  If you are pregnant, you may qualify for a limited ultrasound at no cost to you.  All of our services are free and confidential.

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