Dad’s Program

We know that people think that pregnancy is all about the baby and the mom, but we are here to see the whole family thrive, and we love dads!
We have some great staff and volunteers here at SMPC to serve you. You can call us, email us or even stop by, we would love to chat about whatever you need.

We also have some Dad-specific classes which are in the evenings. These classes run for about an hour, have free dinner and our full great discussion.

Dads 101 is the first class we offer. This class is full of practicals of what it means to be a dad. We talk about what life looks like during pregnancy, to the delivery and after you leave the hospital. We change (fake) diapers, we learn how to hold, and even how to swaddle.  We also teach a co-ed class for the mom and dad partners called Birth of a Family. This class helps couples set goals, plan ahead and really communicate better with each other.

These classes meet periodically throughout the year. So, even if you miss out on one you can attend a future one! Please check in with us monthly to see what is going on around the center.



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