Staying on top of your health involves more than adopting a healthy diet and an exercise routine. Because some health issues are not immediately apparent, you should always get medical guidance while seeking a clean bill of health. For women, undergoing regular exams is critical to staying in good health. So, how does a women’s wellness exam help preserve your health long-term? You can learn more about the benefits of those wellness exams by continuing below.

Wellness Exams Help With Early Detection of Health Problems

Screening is essential to any women’s wellness exam. Women become more susceptible to developing certain health conditions as they age. By going through screening, you can either receive assurance that you don’t have those health conditions or detect them early on when they are more treatable.

According to Women’s Healthcare, women are more susceptible to autoimmune diseases; around 80% of the individuals with autoimmune diseases are female. If you are showing the early symptoms of an autoimmune disease, you can expect your healthcare provider to notice that.

Your healthcare provider will also screen you for cancer, diabetes, HIV, and HPV. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, these wellness appointments also check women for high blood pressure and symptoms of osteoporosis. Considering how impactful those health problems can be, detecting them as early as possible would be ideal. You’ll stand a greater chance of managing those health issues with the help of your doctor.

Wellness Exams Present Opportunities to Discuss Health Concerns

While the screening in your women’s wellness exam may already cover your bases in terms of monitoring diseases and other chronic health conditions, there may be other issues you wish to discuss with your doctor. Don’t shy away from bringing up those concerns. The wellness exam is the ideal setting for those discussions.

Matters you can discuss during your wellness exam include reproductive concerns. Feel free to discuss birth control or potential pregnancy. If you’re worried about STDs, this would also be a good time to talk about them.

You can also bring up matters related to your mental health and relationships. Are you worried about the impact your romantic relationship is having on your mental health? Discussing that with your doctor is an option if you feel comfortable doing so.

Staying healthy long-term is not a challenge you must take on solo. Working with a healthcare provider and getting regular wellness exams can help you stay on the right path. Get in touch with us today at Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center, and let’s set your next wellness exam!

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